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Submit this form if you are Transferring or Withdrawing your dancer from Session II

Please Note: Session II will conclude with a small Mini Monarch Showcase held at Haddon Township High School on June 1, 2019. Details to follow this week.  

Contact Us: 856-885-4928

We are now enrolling for Mini Monarch Session II Classes.

View class descriptions, dates, dress code and other details on our Mini Monarch page. 

Here are your three options: 

1.) Keep your dancer enrolled in her/his current class. Do nothing. Your dancer has automatically been added to Session II. 

2.)Transfer your dancer to a different class in Session II. Select one of the classes listed in the form below. Your dancer will be transferred to the requested class if space is available. Look for a confirmation email.  

3.) Withdraw from Session II. This means your dancer will not be returning for Session II. Let us know by checking the box in the form below. Your dancer will be withdrawn at the end of Session I and no further charges will be processed.